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        PROFIBUS introduction

        PROFIBUS is a fieldbus system,which is in widespread use all over the world.PROFIBUS fulfils the requirements for the interconnection of intelligent field devices in manufacturing,process and building automation.

        This publication contains the normative parts of the PROFIBUS-FMS/-DP/-PA specification according to the European fieldbus standard EN 50170.These normative parts are supplemented by profiles and guidelines of the PROFIBUS user organisation (PNO).Both,the normative parts as well as the profiles and guidelines are published by PROFIBUS International,a word-wide organisation of more than 650 users of the PROFIBUS technology.PROFIBUS International is represented by regional user groups in 20 important industrial countries.

        PROFIBUS has been selected by CENELES TC65CX to be standardised as European Standard EN 50170 Volume 2.Therefore,the PROFIBUS specification has been included without changes in EN 50170.This document is technical identical to the European Standard EN 50170 volume 2 and is organised in the same manner.